38 Sounds is a comprehensive podcast editing service that anyone can use!

I want to work with you or your business to make your podcasting journey easy for you and to help improve the quality of your podcast. I achieve this by offering professional podcast editing & production services, new podcast launch services, show notes, podcast marketing resources, podcast consulting & many other professional podcast services.

From years of experience in producing hundreds of podcasts, I’ve have learned what it takes to create a quality podcast. It doesn’t matter what your podcast needs are, my podcast editing service & comprehensive podcast services will help bring your show consistent quality!

I can help from start to finish. We can go over what gear to use all the way to posting your final mastered episode in Apple Podcasts, Google, TuneIn, Stitcher, & Spotify. Utilize my expertise to help you create a quality podcast that represents your unique creative expression & resonates with your listeners.

If you‘re ready to improve the quality of your podcast or want to start a podcast of your own, I want to partner with you!

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What Makes Me Different?

You’ll work with me directly. 38 Sounds is just one man, so you won’t be randomly assigned someone, then have your show sourced to someone else in the company unfamiliar with your content. We’ll stay in touch at least on a monthly basis to ensure your editing stays on brand.

I’ve been podcasting for 14 years and editing each and every one of my podcasts myself. While I may not have worked on major motion pictures (yet?) or in radio, I know a good sounding podcast when I hear it, and unfortunately, that is few and far between. I want your podcast to sound like it’s the best around without breaking your bank.

My Experience

A Hands-On Approach

There are too many times where I’ve heard that a podcast was “edited and mastered” just by adding some effects on it, or obvious edits weren’t removed. I listen. I engage with your content directly so I know where and when to edit. If I have any questions or concerns, I’ll reach out to you directly.

I won’t lie, editing, mixing, and mastering is a time sink. You have enough on your plate trying to make your show the best it can be and to gain new listeners. You now have extra time that you can utilize in those areas.

Save Time And Focus ON Your Podcast

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You’re ready, I’m ready. Let’s get your podcast going! Just hit the button and we’ll get in-touch.

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