Audio Level Consistency: Why It’s Important in Podcasting

Why Consistent Audio Levels Are Important in Podcasting

Just had an experience where listening to a song the audio was mastered at one level, but the song that followed was mastered at a much higher level. Then the next few songs were lower, and another higher.

The issue wasn’t just contained on my Spotify playlist, but also on my TV. Have you ever been watching a show, then a commercial comes on that starts blaring through your house forcing you to scramble for the remote to turn it down?

It’s all content at different audio levels.

Why Are Consistent Audio Levels Important in Podcasting?

If you’re a single host, it may not be super crucial. However, you may have an intro and outro song, some sponsor clips or even have a guest host call-in. I work with a podcast called We Pod Sonically that has 2 remote hosts – so my challenge is taking 2 separate audio tracks of hosts talking to each other and syncing them up correctly and making it so they sound like they’re in the same room.

You may listen to podcasts that have that same exact setup, and you wouldn’t even know. On the other hand, you can quickly point out when this isn’t the case, such as recording Skype audio directly. Skype more often than not cuts or drops out, or gives you this Transformers type voice.

Why You Need To Stay Consistent

If you’re a podcaster that has more than 1 audio track, you need to ensure all your audio levels match. It brings consistency and clarity. When you utilize a podcast engineering service, like 38 Sounds,we’ll make sure that the audio is consistent. That way listeners don’t have to turn up or down the volume while they’re listening to your show.

After all, we don’t want blown out ear drums, do we?

And if you’re taking on the monumental task of doing it yourself, more often than not you’ll ensure that the host audio has been processed to remove noise and, hopefully, not peak. But what about the intro and outro? Guest speakers? It’s easy to forget even minute details when you’re busy producing, recording, editing and promoting a podcast.

Let me do it for you.

I want to make sure that your podcast sounds as smooth as butter*. If you have multiple remote hosts, I want to make is seem like you’re all in the same room. I want to make your podcast best of the best, top-shelf!

*Disclaimer, please do not put butter in your ears.

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