Podcast Intros: I’m Not a Fan And That’s OK

Podcast intros come in all shapes and sizes. Some contain a simple introduction spoken by the host, while others are elaborate audio jingles that last between 30 to 90 seconds. Yes, a 90 second intro. Audio Is An Intimate Connection When you’re listening to a podcast, it’s a very intimate connection. More so than watching a show on video, you can connect a bit more when listening to so...[Read More]

Audio Level Consistency: Why It’s Important in Podcasting

Just had an experience where listening to a song the audio was mastered at one level, but the song that followed was mastered at a much higher level. Then the next few songs were lower, and another higher. The issue wasn’t just contained on my Spotify playlist, but also on my TV. Have you ever been watching a show, then a commercial comes on that starts blaring through your house forcing you...[Read More]

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